Welcome to Pastisseria l'Albera

In our patisserie, you will find all types of cakes and pastries you may wish to order. All our products are accurately made so as to ensure their quality. If you are still not convinced, here you will find some examples of the wide range of cakes available

We have a variety of cakes, pastries, chocolates, tea biscuits, roulade of kings, but our specialty is nougat. You can find twenty different varieties.

We have two establishments. One in the center of the town of La Jonquera (Alt Empordà, Gerona) and other Grand Jonquera Outlet Shopping is ideal place to come and relax after a day of shopping Shopping Center. We are located very close to the border with France and a few kilometers from the town of Figueres where can find the Dali Museum.

Why don’t you have a go and enjoy your desserts?

Pastisseria l'Albera